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I generally try to respond as soon as can, and I'd like talk to more people!



This website and its artists, man. wow.

Thank you all for creating such wonderful art~ Please keep up the brilliant work <3


Zeus by SnowCorridor
This is a version of Raika from an alternate universe that a friend of mine came up with.

A legendary assassin known to the world only as Zeus, who, after his one and only hit, one that appeared to be nothing short of a suicidal mission, retires to a comfortable happy life made possible with the enormous sum of money he gained as reward.

His feat that one night had irrevocably changed the underworld forever.

Of course, blame Steins Gate for making me fall in love with lab coats. Enjoy!

Made in Paint Tool SAI
Art and character (c) me
Asuka Beast Form by SnowCorridor
Asuka Beast Form
Within Asuka dwells a formidable power which manifests itself as a ravenous Beast threatening to devour all. By channeling its dark energy into her body, Asuka can manifest a portion of its magnificent power, at the risk of losing her sanity to its overwhelming influence.  

A design I made quite a while ago. Comments and feedback are much appreciated! \^o^/

Made in Paint Tool SAI
Art and character (c) me
Demon Concept by SnowCorridor
Demon Concept
Somewhat trying out a genderbend of this guy:
 Altarias by SnowCorridor
you can tell it's drawn in PS since it's so sloppy orz
I kinda had this concept in my head, and I wanted to see where I could take it. Looking back at this, I could reuse some elements in a future design.

Drawn in Photoshop CS4
Summer Afternoon by SnowCorridor
Summer Afternoon
Drew this last summer with the intent on having childhood friends Ryou, Raika and Arcia in the same picture for once. 
Practically slaved over figuring the interior design (I take these things far too seriously ><;;) I hope it shows some of that good summer feel and that it doesn't look too empty!

Made in Photoshop CS3
Embrace by SnowCorridor
A bit of a tender moment between Raika and Arcia.
I was trying to work on having my characters interact in a more natural way. 
Hope you like it! :happybounce:

Made in Paint Tool SAI
Hey there guys. Like the title says, I apologize for being inactive for several months. I thought I needed a mental getaway for a while, then that eventually snowballed when college started rolling in ><

For those of you interested, I'm in medical school now coughcough it's not like I want to be tho coughcough >< So that has been sucking out most of the time I had. I decided to spent any free moment I had to create art and not let the stresses of college get the best of me, while stumbling to maintain a decent academic performance.

Buuuuut right now that's all in the past, I'm on vacation, summer is great, and I can draw all day! OvO

I'll be uploading the modest amount of pieces that I've been working on during my period of inactivity, which are mostly character designs. (excusetheanatomylol)

Summer is art season for me, and the amount of free time leaves me torn between going for designs I've been putting off, or tackling illustrations, improving the way my characters interact with each other, or improving my backgrounds and drawing more of them.

I'd like to share the fact that I've been keeping a sketchbook that I've started using in the last few weeks of college. It's helped me record ideas, practice safely and fail gloriously, (though it took a while to get used to) (Also, found a new best friend in my mechanical pencil w/ 2B lead)  and now I'm seeing it as a very helpful assistant to me and I'm working to fill it within this summer!

I do recommend keeping a sketchbook to you all! And this is coming from someone who is biased toward digital (as that's where's most of my time is spent), added to the fact that I had this silly belief where "If I was going to draw it, I might as well get it right the first time and on computer." Foolish concept I know.

Anyway, that's what I've been up to, it's great to be back, holy shit did the site change and here's to a long, art-filled summer! \^O^/ 



Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I am a simple high school student who practices art as a hobby.

The reason I like art is, artists often draw according to their views. Whether it's
a vision, an opinion , a message, a dream..etc. With their skill, they are able to project their views for the world to see, regardless of impossibility.

I draw to share my visions with the world, my dreams,desires, thoughts,the things I wish I had.

What I would like to see, is a world full of bright colors, where everyone is content and happy. That is what I would like to achieve through my art.

Though I do not claim to have the level of skill necessary to do so, I do promise that I'll try hard to improve, so that I may give my family,my friends, and this magnificent community the same support they have given me.


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