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This website and its artists, man. wow.

Thank you all for creating such wonderful art~ Please keep up the brilliant work <3


Mountain by SnowCorridor
Another landscape study, this time actually referencing carefully from a photograph.

After I made my last landscape painting, I felt that I was lacking a bit when it comes to visualizing an enviroment. Thus, I commited a day to study the details and structure of mountains, and this is the result. Again, icy cold territory with poor madman hiker trying to scale it.

I had loads of fun painting this, it felt like learning something completely new from the ground up :3

Made in Photoshop CS4. I tried as much as possible to paint only with the default hard round brush, save for the clouds.

I'm trying to get better at enviroments, so any thoughts or comments as to how I could would be much appreciated! \(^o^)/
Landscape Study: Northbound by SnowCorridor
Landscape Study: Northbound
A recent landscape speedpainting/study I did. I really want to learn how to do backgrounds and work in Photoshop, so I've been keeping busy with that.
Also I seem to have a thing for snow covered mountains with some poor fool trudging through 'em xD

I still can't seem to understand how to render things, and the workflow and style in PS is quite different from SAI;;

Tea Party by SnowCorridor
Tea Party
Here is an illustration I've been wanting to do for ages, but never got the courage to attempt. A scene where my OCs Raika, Freedom and Chaos are having some sort of meal on the clouds. Granted, the composition doesn't really show where they're grounded, soo yeh :p

This proved quite the challenge, being wayy out of my comfort zone, but I had quite the blissful experience working on this.

This piece makes think I should attempt to do more illustrations that I've been shying away from. Wish me luck! (^w^)b

Art and Characters (c) me
Made in Paint Tool SAI
Ryou by SnowCorridor
This is actually my best friend's OC, who happens to have the same relationship with Raika.

This guy was around for ages and I only got around to drawing him for the first time just recently what a great friend I am lol:iconlazycryplz:

I really like his design, and I had a lot of fun drawing him. Also practicing with manly men anatomy and poses xD

Art (c) me , Character belongs to my best friend.
Warm Hands by SnowCorridor
Warm Hands
This piece holds a lot of meaning for me, I'm really glad I drew this~

My characters, Raika (left) and Shino (right)

I really do love drawing.


Okay, it is 2 AM over here, and I'm twisting and turning in bed, something that's been happening for a couple days now.

A bit of background: for the past 4 years or so I've been having eczema outbreaks generally around summertime, which result in a month-long hiatus from drawing and a lot of stress and depression to go with it.

I've been trying to track down what exactly causes it, and have come to the conclusion that the culprit may be sugar. Around a month ago, I ate a few doughnuts, and the next day I found a couple blisters on my fingers. I shrugged it off and had an apple pie the next day, and sure enough, the blisters spread.  After a couple tough weeks of recovery, my fingers healed, and I learned to stay miles away from anything sweet, no matter how painful it was to do so.

Which brings me to my dilemma: a couple days ago, it was my birthday. For the occasion, my dad bought some Cinnabon rolls as a placeholder for a cake.  Despite me informing him earlier of my theory and my avoidance of sugary foods, he bought these desserts. Which I believe he did purely out of tradition and to make me happy.

I spent the afternoon that day worrying and running thoughts and situations through my head. Would I eat the desserts and risk an outbreak again? Or refuse the sweets and save myself the trouble, at the cost of maybe hurting my father's feelings? A no-brainer, most people would say, but it's those decisions that tear me apart.

Come dinner time, I had made my mind. Surprisingly, my father had already predicted that I wouldn't eat the cinnabons, and I answered him in the affirmative. He told me he understood and that it was fine, and dinner proceeded pleasantly.

But still now, my decision haunts me. I feel horrible, like I've rejected my father's gift and feelings. There is no doubt that he felt some disappointment, and I feel terrible for making him feel that way. I know this whole entry is complete bull, but this keeps me up at night so bad. It's very rare that I beat myself up over such things, but I feel awful about what I've done.

Despite how silly this sounds, how can I forgive myself and feel better about this situation?



Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I am a simple high school student who practices art as a hobby.

The reason I like art is, artists often draw according to their views. Whether it's
a vision, an opinion , a message, a dream..etc. With their skill, they are able to project their views for the world to see, regardless of impossibility.

I draw to share my visions with the world, my dreams,desires, thoughts,the things I wish I had.

What I would like to see, is a world full of bright colors, where everyone is content and happy. That is what I would like to achieve through my art.

Though I do not claim to have the level of skill necessary to do so, I do promise that I'll try hard to improve, so that I may give my family,my friends, and this magnificent community the same support they have given me.


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